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Childrens World

This is a magical place where children meet Santa.

Haven’t you been to Mrs Santa Claus’s house yet? Oh, then you haven’t tasted the most delicious cookies Mrs Claus makes.

Naughty Grinch is eager to share his candy with you. Come and have lots of fun with him.

Winter Park – this is where dreams come true..

Winter Park – the fairytale you imagined...

Winter Park – this is where you are a child again...

The largest open-air ice rink in Armenia is here, at Winter Park...

Winter Park – this is where magic begins (#icetegh)...

Winter Park – a place you’ve always dreamed about...

Imagine a place where magic is in the air, where dreams come true, a place always cheerful and full of encounters with miracle.Imagine a place that is a home to Santa Claus, with Mrs.Claus making the most delicious cookies, children writing down their dreams and sendingthem to Santa through a magical tube run by the elves. Look, there is naughty Grinch in his enchanting little house and a WOW Christmas tree you could have seen only in a fairytale.Can you imagine all that? Well, we can give you this fairytale.Welcome to Winter Park!Here you can find all the fun and joy you need. With its biggest open-air ice rink in Armenia (1800m2), cafes, a restaurant, zipline, rifle range and other entertainment pavilions Winter Park is the best place to choose for your entertainment.Now, are you ready to catch a glimpse of the Christmas mystery and plunge into a fairy tale? Take your chance!
Winter Park – The miracle begins here (#icetegh)!