Winter activities in Yerevan

Winter in Yerevan is wonderful especially on the eve of the best holidays of the year – New Year and Christmas. The city sanks into a snow-capped fairy tale filled with colorful lights. beautiful gardens, white streets, cozy cafes, and, of course, skating rinks in the open air. Yerevan is one of the oldest cities in the world where the modern warmth is created by centuries-old traditions. Here you can get acquainted with the history of the city, visit the famous sights, as well as the not-so-famous, but not less interesting corners of the city as well as taste the national dishes in the best local restaurants.

During your winter evening walking in the city You should definitely visit Republic Square, the main square of the country, which has been included in the list of CIS’s and world’s most beautiful squares. It has a great reputation due to its unique architectural solutions, which are more beautiful under the evening lights. In Yerevan, you also need to be in the Cascade Complex, which includes artistic stairs, modern sculptures, covered with white snow. The whole of this is a special manifestation of architecture decorated by Yerevan. One of the most important cultural values ​​of the city is the National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet, located in one of Yerevan’s most beautiful squares – Liberty Square.

Yerevan is unique because during the walking in the city you can get aquainted with old and new Yerevan at the same time: buildings constructed from Armenian pink tuff and stylish high-rise buildings, traditional small and cozy streets, and North Avenue, rich in branded shops and cafes. Since 2012, every year on this avenue, New Year and Christmas market is open in winter holidays, where you can enjoy delicious dishes, hot drinks, as well as buy various handmade souvenirs. The Northern Avenue is considered to be one of the most modern places in Yerevan.

And all those who come to Yerevan with their family, we offer to visit the Winter Park. In this little fairy world there is everything from interactive presentations to elves and ice sculptures. You can enjoy bright lights and various attractions here. The Winter Park is considered to be the most famous place for winter entertainment in Yerevan.

Currently, there are 3 skating rinks in Yerevan, one of which is located in Winter Park. There are always many visitors here. They come with families, children, and spend a wonderful time. Next to the rink, there is a cafe where you can enjoy a cup of hot coffee or tea after a long skating.

Swan Lake is located in the center of the city, near the Liberty Square, which turns into a white skating rink in winter months and waits for its many visitors, couples, adolescents, young people and all those who have decided to enjoy this winter sport with friends under the Yerevan’s colorful lights.

The third skating rink in Yerevan is the Ice arena named after Irina Rodnina. There is a sports school here named after the world’s Figure Skating World Champion. This rink is visited by fans of figure skating and windsurfing. This is the only skating rink that is open throughout the year.

It is possible to have an interesting leisure time both in the capital and abroad. Tsaghkadzor, Sevan and Jermuk ski resorts are suitable for both beginner and professional skiers. Everywhere there are affordable prices, high quality ski slopes, professional instructor services and a hospitable environment. Guests of Armenia can admire the unique landscapes of snowy mountains and enjoy the unique dishes of traditional Armenian cuisine. All ski resorts provide visitors with all the necessary things for winter rest. Such vacation provides not only physical burden, but also the opportunity to admire the winter landscapes of the forests and enjoy mountain fresh air. In the winter, you can also visit Jermuk city to recover health and relax in spa-hotels using a variety of medical treatments. Water from the healing mineral and hot groundwater make the city even more attractive for locals as well as for tourists.

Mountainous Armenia is beautiful in winter. To discover the beauty of the Armenian mountains, you can take part in the Winter Jeeping organized in the mountains. Rock climbing can also be made on white snow-covered rocks.

If you want to warm up in the winter months with the hospitality of the locals, try traditional kitchen dishes, admire the bright lights of the city and the wonderful landscapes of the Armenian mountains, visit Armenia.